Brenda Starwalt, CPA can assist you in a wide range of tax issues such as:

Tax Planning And Preparation

Federal income tax rules are now more complicated than ever and the benefits of good tax planning are consequentially more compelling. Brenda Starwalt is a Certified Public Accountant with 25 years’ experience, therefore, she can offer advice to maximize tax savings opportunities. She attends a substantial number of continuing education and tax law update courses putting her on the cutting edge of tax rules.

If needed, she confers and obtains opinions from tax law attorneys to confirm her interpretations in the best interest of the client’s tax position. Brenda Starwalt’s extensive knowledge of the Federal tax code allows her to help you in your tax planning strategy by deferring and often substantially reducing taxes by taking advantage of beneficial tax-law provisions under local, state and federal revenue codes. She shares this expertise with every single client.

Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Acquisitions Consulting

Acquiring commercial and/or industrial property can be a huge asset or a major headache to a user or portfolio developer. Brenda Starwalt can help you navigate the twists and turns of commercial or industrial property acquisitions by providing services such as:

• Efficient Tax Entity Analysis at both State and Federal Levels
• Multi-year proforma projections including tax and depreciation estimates
• Cap Rate Analysis
• Cost Segregation Studies
• Property Tax Appeal Services
* Act as liaison between Attorneys and other professionals

Brenda has a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in both accounting and business law so she is able to navigate the waters of the most complex business deals, provide due diligence services and advise you every step of the way while interacting with attorneys, finance professionals, real estate agents and other players in the deal on your behalf.

Tax Litigation Support And  Forensic Accounting

Tax controversy cases

A tax controversy with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can take a business or individual through complicated and challenging stages: administrative audits, appeals, post-appeals mediation, and litigation in federal court. Brenda Starwalt is a valuable partner throughout every step of the intricate legal processes and she is focused on ensuring client resources are targeted on favorable, cost-effective outcomes.

Brenda and her team analyzes each unique situation at the onset, and develops strategic responses and solutions based on her extensive experience and keen understanding of tax laws and the tax controversy process. Her goal is to resolve a client’s case at the earliest possible point while securing the best possible settlement. Brenda possesses the skills necessary to negotiate a settlement, as well as the experience and foresight to position the matter for litigation when required.

Forensic accounting

Do you worry that you or your business might be the victim of fraud? Do you need to analyze your financial data to uncover potential misconduct? Are you investigating an entity for possible acquisition and need to ensure the absence of financial irregularities? Maybe you’re involved in litigation and require an expert witness to testify on your behalf? If any of these situations apply, Brenda Starwalt, CPA offers Forensic Accounting services.

“Forensic Accounting” provides an accounting analysis that is suitable to the court which will form the basis for discussion, debate and ultimately dispute resolution. Forensic Accounting encompasses both Litigation Support and Investigative Accounting.

Outsourced CFO Duties

Brenda Starwalt offers wide-ranging and flexible CFO/Financial Controller services to companies requiring financial and commercial expertise on a contract or part time basis. Brenda has extensive CFO experience in large and small companies across various industries and is able to offer flexible and tailored arrangements which provide as much or as little financial assistance as required. Brenda also provides assistance for the hiring process of a company CFO/Financial Controller.

Bookkeeping System Design And Re-design

Brenda can design, or redesign your bookkeeping system and provide support that is concise, and structured to take advantage of all tax deductions for federal, state and insurance purposes. In addition, Brenda can structure your bookkeeping system to provide reports customized for your business, giving you the information you need on a day-to-day basis to keep your company efficient and profitable.



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